Utility Kit

Utility kit for easier DevTools integrations.

Since v0.3.0, we are now providing a utility kit for easier DevTools integrations, similar to @nuxt/kit.

npm i @nuxt/devtools-kit
import { addCustomTab } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit'

We recommend module authors to install @nuxt/devtools-kit as a dependency and @nuxt/devtools as a dev dependency.



A shorthand for calling the hook devtools:customTabs.

import { addCustomTab } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit'

addCustomTab(() => ({
  // unique identifier
  name: 'my-module',
  // title to display in the tab
  title: 'My Module',
  // any icon from Iconify, or a URL to an image
  icon: 'carbon:apps',
  // iframe view
  view: {
    type: 'iframe',
    src: '/url-to-your-module-view',


A shorthand for call hook devtools:customTabs:refresh. It will refresh all custom tabs.


Start a sub process using execa and create a terminal tab in DevTools.

import { startSubprocess } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit'

const subprocess = startSubprocess(
    command: 'code-server',
    args: [
    id: 'devtools:vscode',
    name: 'VS Code Server',
    icon: 'logos-visual-studio-code',


Extend the server RPC with your own methods.

import { extendServerRpc } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit'

const rpc = extendServerRpc('my-module', {
  async myMethod() {
    return 'hello'

Learn more about Custom RPC functions.


To provide complex interactions for your module integrations, we recommend to host your own view and display it in devtools via iframe.

To get the infomation from the devtools and the client app, you can do this in your client app:

import { useDevtoolsClient } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit/iframe-client'

export const devtoolsClient = useDevtoolsClient()

When the iframe been served with the same origin (CORS limitation), devtools will automatically inject __NUXT_DEVTOOLS__ to the iframe's window object. You can access it as a ref using useDevtoolsClient() utility.


It will return a ref of NuxtDevtoolsIframeClient object that are intially null and will be updated when the connection is ready.

NuxtDevtoolsIframeClient contains two properties:

  • host: APIs to communicate with the client app
  • devtools: APIs to communicate with the devtools

host can be undefined when devtools are accessed standalone or from a different origin.

For example, you can get the router instance from the client app:

const router = computed(() => devtoolsClient.value?.host?.nuxt.vueApp.config.globalProperties?.$router)


Similiar to useDevtoolsClient() but as a callback style:

import { onDevtoolsClientConnected } from '@nuxt/devtools-kit/iframe-client'

onDevtoolsClientConnected(async (client) => {
  // client is NuxtDevtoolsIframeClient

  const config = client.devtools.rpc.getServerConfig()
  // ...