UI Kit

UI Kit is for module authors to build a custom view.

We suggest you to read the Module Authors Guide first.

DevTools UI Kit is for module authors to build the custom view with the similiar look and feel as built-in DevTools UI. The source code can be found under packages/devtools-ui-kit.


We recommend to use the Starter Template for authoring a DevTools integration for your module, which has the set up built in and ready to use.

Manual Install

npm i @nuxt/devtools-ui-kit
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [


Under the hood, @nuxt/devtools-ui-kit is an unbundled component library powered by UnoCSS and VueUse. Components are auto imported.

In this library, we introduced the n attribute for every component to customize the styles and variations. For example, to make a red button:

<NButton n="red" />

to make it larger, add the size specifier (sm, md, lg or xl) the n attribute:

<NButton n="red xl" />

You can apply the same specifiers to any other component, for example:

<NCheckbox n="red xl" />

Apply it to parent components could make a local theme scope

<NCard n="green-500">
  <!-- both of them are themed green -->
  <NCheckbox>i accept the terms & conditions</NCheckbox>

Please check our Online Demo for more components usages.


Check all components.


Powered by UnoCSS, you can use Tailwind/Windi CSS utilities to quickly customize the look and feel of components.

It's also possible to override the default theme globally, for example:

// nuxt.config.js
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [
  unocss: {
    shortcuts: {
      'n-button-base': 'border n-border-base rounded shadow-sm op80 !outline-none',
      'n-button-hover': 'op100 !border-context text-context',
      'n-button-active': 'n-active-base bg-context/5',

You can find all the default values and available entries in src/unocss.ts.